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This responsive layout is based on an initial grid of A highly focused software developer with six years’ experience in a variety of development and engineering positions. Organised, methodical and a keen eye for detail results in solid coding and trustworthy software programmes. Understanding client requirements and hard work to build big projects with tiny details are core values in achieving long lasting business relationships.

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My Works

some of my projects :
1 . Publish PHP light-width framework (GSMS) fork on github
2 . Design and Impelement new video format(ir3) in VB6 fork on github
3 . Design and Impelement new media player in vb6 fork on github
4 . Development new bank payment gate fork on github
5 . Develop the campain plugin in civicrm drupal - fork on github 6 . Publish e-book in “vb6 high-level development”

Remote Work

I design and develope some website.

§  Design http://Silent-Power.com other version (Vonwaldkirch.com ,zurich swiss )

§  Developing civicrm drupal extension ( Compucorp.co.uk ,united kingdom london,github)

§  Design http://khallaghiatkadeh.com for abrezendegi company(plugin and theme in wordpress)

Team leader and co-founder – Sepidehdam, Hamedan

I had Team leader and software Arcitecture. We have created some startup project by my PHP framework (GSMS http://www.github.com/nasservb/GSMS).

§  Sitelegram :Sitelegram is an Integrated system of site’s management which works with Telegram, also this system would be used to work with other messenger. (PHP,GSMS,www.telsite.ir)

Search In Telegram :Search In Telegram is a free android application by which users of telegram can share and categorize lists of channels and groups. this application had been downloaded 200,000 times from Persian’s market telegram page and chat sharing with web site and android application. (PHP,GSMS, www.gorohyab.ir)

  Downloadtel : Downloadtel is an online shop, which is implemented by Telegram Bot and android application.(PHP,GSMS, www.downloadtel.ir)

  hamedan payam portal : this is custom project for manage print server, image gallery, print factory and office employ in central server in big newspaper group. (PHP,GSMS , wordpress).

§  ghasedak pos portal: that project is designed for manage pos acceptor and marketer and agent .this project have gift lottery system and 3d web base ui that used in online lottery in TV program . (PHP,GSMS , impress , webGL) .

MetaJoin– Angular 1 Developer, Hamedan

§  We have tried to implement BPMS Solution .I worked on restful api and frontend AngularJs .


Goyaweb– Senior PHP Developer, Hamedan

§  Development and architecture big learning solution system(PHP,GSMS) . http://zabanak.ir

Fullstak Web Developer – Health Governmental Organization, Tehran

§  Design http://isargaran.police.ir (sub-organization of police)

§  Design two website for health governmental organization (wordpress,down now )


Web Design Teacher – Shiraz-IT, Shiraz

§  Web Design Teacher ,Teaching: HTML , JavaScript , CSS , Ajax , JQuery under BTM company (from Caneda) .

§  Design a website for http://iran4biz.ir(down now) office


Freelancer– Freelance


§   Develope "decide for tomorrow" game for president organization .

§  Archtecture and design http://testseda.ir music store and shareing website (PHP ,GSMS)

§  Archtecture and design http://rapid2dar.ir download management system by  rapidletch

§   Design some wordpress

§   Developing a warehouse management system for Central branch of Melli Bank in Hamedan in 2008.

my github account : nasservb



Get in touch

Tehran , Iran
phone: +989189151266
Skype: nasservb@gmail.com